We help organisations develop e-learning for good causes

DynaMind eLearning focuses on supporting the not-for-profit sector with their e-learning programmes.
We assist with formulating e-learning strategies, hosting of e-learning platforms, design and development of individual training (e.g. Articulate) and eWorkshops (Moodle), and training of e-facilitators and community moderators.
Whether you’re looking for individual, collaborative or a blend of both, our mission is to make sure your online training is smart, enjoyable and focused on DOING.
Our Articulate developments are developed around real-life mini-scenarios where learners are continuously engaged in workplace simulations and decision-making.
Our award-winning eWorkshop model (Moodle) is really popular with organisations that are proud of their participatory approaches and don’t want to lose the magic when moving their training online. Our e-workshops have an average completion rate of 80%. We develop eWorkshops for you or we can train you to do it yourself. Our 5-week online e-facilitation training to prepare the eWorkshop facilitators has been receiving rave reviews for many years.


E-learning comes in many forms and formats – each with its pros and cons, which are often different to the pros and cons in the corporate and educational sectors and in the first world, emerging economies or developing countries. Our strength is that we share these perspectives with our clients and help them think through a whole lot of considerations that might otherwise be overlooked, including what works across different cultures and under challenging tech conditions.
DynaMind eLearning

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We help organisations develop e-learning for good causes

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