CASE STUDY – eWorkshop and eLearning modules on Aid Effectiveness from a Gender Perspective


The approach to delivering aid has changed considerably. Women’s organizations and civil society organizations (CSOs) are not simple observers in this changed context. They play an active role in advocating on behalf of poor and excluded groups, including women. However, women’s organizations and CSOs need on-going support if they are to remain effectively engaged in the development process.

DynaMind Ltd was engaged by the UN Women Training Centre in Santo Domingo (with financial support from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation)  to develop online training to help people involved in aid effectiveness and gender equality to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to critically analyse aid from a gender perspective. The work was completed over a period of 10 months from 1 February to 30 November 2012. The development team included the following: Anouk Janssens-Bevernage, Belinda Mericourt, Tim Buteyn, Frédéric Janssens and Paula Mahler.

Two main training products were delivered: (1) a package of 6 self-paced e-learning modules, and (2) a 5-week participatory e-workshop. The pilot e-workshop was completed by 23 participants from 20 different countries. The pilot e-workshop was facilitated by two e-facilitators and very well received by the participants with 60% rating it as excellent and 40 % as very good. The completion rate was 70%. Additional e-workshops are being planned.

The participatory e-workshop is an extension of the self-paced modules. The six modules (four and a half hours training in total) are being used as stand-alone un-facilitated training as well.

The participatory e-workshop has been set up in a Moodle learning management system specifically set up for this project.

To support the facilitated training a toolbox with extensive collection of reviewed resources was provided. To inform the development of the training a resources analysis and a needs assessment were completed.

The self-paced e-learning modules were translated into Spanish and French.

CASE STUDY – Performance Management eWorkshop
CASE STUDY – Introduction to the ACFID Code of Conduct

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