DynaMind eLearning founders and core team

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Hello! We’re Anouk and Fred, eLearning Nomads and founders of DynaMind eLearning. We develop eLearning for good causes and work with organisations from all over the globe. Our dedication, passion and expertise make us different.

Anouk Janssens-Bevernage

Anouk is on the front lines making sure the clients are happy and things go according to plan. She hires the best people for any project whenever we need help, and she keeps everyone on track. Anouk also oversees the instructional design in all our projects. Don’t get her started on eWorkshops and its underpinning training philosophy… she’ll talk a whole day if you don’t stop her. Her enthusiasm for the model really shows in the two eWorkshops which she runs regularly: the e-facilitation workshop and the eWorkshop design course. More here

Frederic (Fred) Janssens

Fred leads the Articulate development, the Moodle administration as well as any web, graphic or tech aspects of the business. He is a problem-solver and knows Articulate and Moodle inside out. Fred is particularly happy that his work allows him to express his creativity. As a linguist/translator in his earlier life, he speaks several languages and is best placed to look after multi-language projects.

… and all the lovely freelancers who help us on the many projects we undertake every year.


Our story

After working in the development sector for 15+ years in 4 different African countries and a short stint in Viet Nam, we moved to New Zealand – the country that, in 2005, was at the forefront of innovation in e-learning.

Anouk had by then developed great learning design expertise. She had also developed huge interest for the potential of e-learning, yet was frustrated by the way technology often meant compromising on the quality of the learning experience.

Fred changed careers, learned all the skills we needed to complement each other along the journey and joined Anouk in this new world of making online learning stick.

In 2006, we started DynaMind eLearning because we believed that our approach to e-learning design would represent a shift in how people perceive e-learning. See, e-learning isn’t a content dump with a few quiz questions thrown in for good measure or a discussion forum to make people ‘talk’ or another passive webinar.

In 2012, we moved to Australia, stop #8 on our ’50 years around the world’ venture. DynaMind eLearning has become completely location independent to fit this lifestyle. No office, no overheads, no business hours … and a wonderful team of freelancers around the world who equally work very hard and enjoy the freedom, just like us!


Clients and recognition

DynaMind eLearning has done work for the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, Commonwealth of Learning, Crown Agents, World Vision Australia, Farm Radio International, World Health Organisation, UNWomen, Australian Council for International Development, Plan International, Caribbean Development Bank, Mango UK, Teen Mental Health, INTRAC, among many many others.

Across the website you will find many testimonials of clients who explain why exactly we’re great to work with: here and here and here.

DynaMind eLearning won the 2014 LearnX Gold Award for Best eLearning Model for a series of eWorkshops we developed with World Vision Australia.

Anouk won the 2015 LearnX Gold Award for Best Online Facilitator for her e-facilitation workshop aimed at training clients to run their own eWorkshop programmes.

So let’s work together! Drop us an email to get started!