I’m a Belgian/Kiwi eLearning designer and trainer with wanderlust. I currently live on the Australian Sunshine Coast. Almost 30 years ago, Fred (my husband) and I pledged to travel the world in 50 years and we do it very slooowly while fully integrating in the communities where we settle. We have lived and worked in 8 countries so far: Zambia, Viet Nam, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Kenya, New Zealand, Australia and of course Belgium where we’re originally from. (my LinkedIn profile has a few details of the work I did in these countries – don’t hesitate to connect by the way!)

I manage DynaMind eLearning (the company I set up with Fred 12 years ago) from my home office. This is a great way to do the work we love while realising our nomadic dream. We work with freelancers – designers, developers, subject matter experts, narrators – who help us on the many international projects we undertake every year. Many of our freelancers are travellers as well so the ‘nomadic’ culture is really part and parcel of our little group.

I have completed Masters Degrees in both Economic Sciences and Business Administration in my native Belgium. As my career interests evolved toward adult education and e-learning, I obtained formal tertiary qualifications in these fields from universities in South Africa and the UK .

In my free time I enjoy traveling with my husband, two sons and friends. My favourite trips are the super active ones in beautiful remote areas: walking safaris, tramping (if you’re not a Kiwi you may need to look this up and travel to New Zealand to do one), road trips, snorkeling in turquoise waters, ski-holidays, camping and sleeping under the stars. I’m also a keen reader and I like reading about a wide variety of subjects: popular science, economics, philosophy, history, literature… There is so much to learn and I love it all. I’m fond of bush and beach walks and try to fit one in every day. I am a real foodie (the eating more than the cooking) with a serious chocolate addiction.


A selection of recommendations for Anouk

“Anouk is a fantastic course developer, mentor and technical advisor for a e-learning courses. I worked with her as content advisor on an e-learning course developed for UN Women on aid effectiveness from a gender perspective in 2012. Anouk’s communication skills are superlative. She is clear, friendly and prompt in responding to all queries at all times and will go to great lengths to ensure that her staff and learners on her courses are comfortable and understand both content and the processes involved in e-learning. She conducts an exceptional course on developing e-facilitation skills which was interactive, enjoyable and encouraged real depth of learning. She is very supportive and appears to be available almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to learners. The courses she develops are pitched at the right level for the specific needs of learners, encourage interaction from learners all over the world, are fun and support real analysis and rich learning.”

Belinda Mericourt
Tribunal member / consultant
December 2012

“Anouk is an astute, client-focused business woman and extremely efficient project manager. While working together to create a 4-week e-workshop for the Australian Council for international Development (ACFID), Anouk and her wonderful team demonstrated exceptional knowledge of the e-workshop format and uncompromising attention to detail Designing the program together with Anouk was a pleasure, both personally and professionally.”

Joan Johnson
OD Consultant and Executive Coach
December 2012

“I could have ticked all the boxes to affirm Anouk’s attributes. Anouk created a custom-designed Instructional Design course (on designing online courses) for our team, and we followed this by enrolling 20 staff in her 5-week online E-facilitation course. I cannot recommend Anouk and her training highly enough – and believe this E-facilitation course was some of the best PD I’ve ever done. The skills and processes she modelled illustrated the purpose of the course itself. If you’re getting into e-learning, you need quality training, and taking Anouk’s course is a worthwhile investment for your business. She works across companies and government departments internationally, and brings experience and knowledge of pedagogy and effective practice into her courses.”

Janet McFadden
Development specialist, Services to Schools – National Library of New Zealand
December 2012

“I attended a Training Course that was designed and facilitated by Anouk and it was out of this world. Anouk is by far one of the best trainers I have ever had the privelege to be trained by. Amazing knowledge, patient, and so inspiring. Working with Anouk for two days helped me streamline by design and approach to training within my company. I left the training course recharged and bursting with ideas! Worth every cent!”

Rachel Teasdale
Senior Instructional Designer at Kineo (Pacific)
October 2012

Anouk has deep experience in learning from instructional design through to development and facilitation; and has worked across a number of industries but her experience with learning and development in the International Development arena is what set her apart.

Mark Harwood
Social Entrepreneurship & Economic Development – Project Model Learning and Support Manager at World Vision Australia
May 2013

“Anouk is a leader in online learning design and facilitation skills.

Anouk’s online design and facilitation work has for a long time been underpinned by excellent research and good practice. She demonstrated this particularly well when I assisted her in the development of The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand’s E-learning certificate course. Her work for us at Kineo Pacific has included the design of online courses for very challenging learning environments in the South Pacific and both online and face-to-face facilitation sessions; assisting and coaching education and training professionals to build their e-learning skills. Anouk’s creative and applied approach; putting the learner at the heart of the learning process and creating fun and meaningful learning experiences, has enabled her to deliver excellent courses which have received great feedback from all types of learners. She is a master at using situations, scenario-based learning and problem-based approaches to instructional design.

Her facilitation skills are second-to-none, as she patiently coaches learners to discover and learn in a learner-centred way. As an online facilitator, Anouk demonstrates an organised, skilled, and motivating approach to learner support. As a face-to-face facilitator she brings a vibrant enthusiasm to the classroom which infects the group, even the ones who may at first be reluctant to engage.”

Sue Dark
Director of Learning at Kineo Pacific
March 2011

“Farm Radio International has worked with Anouk Janssens-Bevernage, Director of DynaMind Ltd. since 2008. Anouk is extremely organized and efficient. Her expertise in designing and running e-learning programs is exceptional and she is fantastic to work with. Farm Radio International hopes to work with her on many more e-training initiatives over the coming years.”

Blythe McKay
Manager, Resources for Broadcasters at Farm Radio International, Canada
March 2011

“Anouk provides that rare combination of subject matter expertise, exceptional project management abilities, and absolutely professional and reliable service. If you want to develop effective e-learning courses for widely dispersed groups of professionals with varying access to internet and multiple language abilities, you’ll find no better than Anouk.”

Kevin Perkins
Executive Director at Farm Radio International, Canada
March 2011

“Anouk is a great e-learning expert. My connection with her has proven her excellence in transferring skills, designing an online course and mentoring. She trained me on e-facilitation skills and also became my mentor while I was consulted by Farm Radio as an e-facilitator. The courses she designs are easy to follow and her guidance is amazing.”

Busi Ngcebetsha
Project Manager at Media & Training Centre for Health, South Africa
March 2011

“Anouk has an outstanding reputation in e-learning circles. I first met her at e-learning events and learnt much in her sessions. I then had the privilege of being one of her learners in an online programme “Designing and Facilitating E-learning “. I have since enjoyed and grown in my role as an online facilitator thanks to Anouk’s excellent modelling. When I get stuck I still think “what would Anouk have done here?” – In the best interests of my own learners sometimes I wait and sometimes I act!”

Jane Dillon
Adult Teaching Coordinator at NMIT, New Zealand
March 2011