In-house capacity development

You might not have the time to do the workshops, but still be keen to learn the why/what/how while we help you build and run your e-learning programmes. Or you might have done the workshops, but need someone to look over your shoulder and be ‘on call’ whenever you need a sounding board. Or you might have e-learning experience in a different sector and would like to pick our brains for a couple of hours to explore what’s different and what that means for your organisation. Or you need some help with writing the e-learning component in your proposal to apply for donor funding. And so on.

Every client is in a different situation and has different needs. We’re happy to adjust to these needs in the most flexible way – filling gaps while your confidence grows, and stepping back when you have built the in-house expertise necessary to do all of this without support.

If you feel you could use some help with a training programme (even if at this point it might be hard to formulate in what shape or form), why don’t you reach out so we can have a chat?

We help organisations develop e-learning for good causes


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