We’re Anouk and Fred, eLearning Nomads and founders of DynaMind eLearning.

We develop eLearning for good causes and work with organisations from all over the globe. Our dedication, passion and expertise make us different.

Our story

After working in the development sector for 15 years in 4 different African countries and a short stint in Viet Nam, we moved to New Zealand – the country that, in 2005, was at the forefront of innovation in e-learning.

Anouk had by then developed great e-learning design expertise. She also saw the huge potential of e-learning, yet she was frustrated by the way technology often meant compromising on the quality of the learning experience. As a past face-to-face facilitator in the development sector, she was worried that the tendency toward content dumps and dumbing down training programs – as well as the move away from true participatory and dialogue-based training – would have a damaging effect on capacity development efforts. Anouk had found her mission…

Fred changed careers, learned all the skills we needed to complement each other along the journey and joined Anouk in this new world of making online learning stick. In 2006, we started DynaMind eLearning. The company is registered in Australia (where we moved in 2012), but we work across the globe on many interesting e-learning programs that make a difference. We work from home (or wherever home happens to be), with no overheads, no business hours … and a wonderful team of freelancers around the world who equally work very hard and enjoy the freedom, just like us!

Anouk Janssens-Bevernage

Anouk is on the front line, making sure the clients are happy and things go according to plan. She hires the best people for any project whenever we need help, and she keeps everyone on track. She explores the best possible e-learning strategy and solutions with the clients. Anouk also oversees the instructional design on all our projects.

She is a highly experienced e-learning designer. If she doesn’t take the lead on your project, she will be there as an adviser.

Don’t get her started on eWorkshops and its underpinning training philosophy… she’ll talk a whole day if you don’t stop her. Her enthusiasm for the model really shows in the two eWorkshops that she runs regularly: the e-facilitation workshop and the eWorkshop design course.

With 30 years’ experience in the not-for-profit and international development sector (of which over 15 years in the field), she offers a wealth of knowledge to each new project.

Anouk started writing in her eLearning Nomad blog many years ago. In the blog, there is an ‘about me’ section with a little more personal information.

Anouk provides that rare combination of subject matter expertise, exceptional project management abilities, and absolutely professional and reliable service. If you want to develop effective e-learning courses for widely dispersed groups of professionals with varying access to internet and multiple language abilities, you’ll find no better than Anouk.

Kevin Perkins, Executive Director at Farm Radio International

Anouk has deep experience in learning from instructional design through to development and facilitation; and has worked across a number of industries but her experience with learning and development in the International Development arena is what set her apart.

Mark Harwood, Social Entrepreneurship & Economic Development – Project Model Learning and Support Manager at World Vision Australia

Anouk’s creative and applied approach; putting the learner at the heart of the learning process and creating fun and meaningful learning experiences, has enabled her to deliver excellent courses which have received great feedback from all types of learners. She is a master at using situations, scenario-based learning and problem-based approaches to instructional design.
Her facilitation skills are second-to-none, as she patiently coaches learners to discover and learn in a learner-centred way. As an online facilitator, Anouk demonstrates an organised, skilled, and motivating approach to learner support. As a face-to-face facilitator she brings a vibrant enthusiasm to the classroom which infects the group, even the ones who may at first be reluctant to engage.

Sue Dark, Director of Learning at Kineo Pacific

Anouk is a fantastic course developer, mentor and technical advisor for a e-learning courses. I worked with her as content advisor on an e-learning course developed for UN Women on aid effectiveness from a gender perspective in 2012. Anouk’s communication skills are superlative. She is clear, friendly and prompt in responding to all queries at all times and will go to great lengths to ensure that her staff and learners on her courses are comfortable and understand both content and the processes involved in e-learning. She conducts an exceptional course on developing e-facilitation skills which was interactive, enjoyable and encouraged real depth of learning. She is very supportive and appears to be available almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to learners. The courses she develops are pitched at the right level for the specific needs of learners, encourage interaction from learners all over the world, are fun and support real analysis and rich learning.

Belinda Mericourt, Aid effectiveness expert

Anouk is an astute, client-focused and extremely efficient project manager. While working together to create a 4-week e-workshop for the Australian Council for international Development (ACFID), Anouk and her wonderful team demonstrated exceptional knowledge of the e-workshop format and uncompromising attention to detail. Designing the program together with Anouk was a pleasure, both personally and professionally.

Joan Johnson, Consultant Leadership Development – Executive Coaching – OD

Anouk Janssens-Bevernage
DynaMind eLearning

Frederic (Fred) Janssens

Fred leads the multimedia developments, the Moodle administration as well as any web, graphic or tech aspects of the business. He is a problem-solver and he is vastly experienced in Articulate, Vyond, many Adobe Creative software and Moodle. Fred is particularly happy that his work allows him to express his creativity. As a linguist/translator in his earlier life, he speaks several languages and is best placed to look after multi-language projects.

Terry Lewis

Terry has worked with DynaMind as an associate learning designer since 2019.

Terry has a long career in the not-for-profit sector in leadership roles and in learning design and delivery, both in-person and online. She has a master’s degree in Development Management with Business Administration.

Terry enthusiastically applies ‘learning by doing’ techniques, creating practical and participatory training to make the learning stick. Terry is a champion of plain language too, always looking for innovative and inclusive ways to explain jargon and technical concepts.

Terry was a founding member of Mango, the Oxford-based and award-winning NGO set up to strengthen the financial management and accountability of development and humanitarian NGOs. Mango’s global training programme, including a suite of eWorkshops, was renowned for ‘taking the fear out of finance’, using fun and effective learning methodology.

When Mango merged with Humentum in 2017, Terry became the Director of Online Learning and has focussed on online learning ever since. She has extensive experience of creating courses in Moodle and Curatr, and storyboarding for Articulate 360 developments.Terry especially enjoys helping clients to develop bespoke learning materials – working alongside subject matter experts to script key content and create relevant and practical courses.

We work with freelancers who help us on the many international projects we undertake every year. This provides us the flexibility to work with the people who have exactly the right expertise for what we need on respective projects. Our projects are often quite specialised and this approach proves to be the best way to get the right team for a particular piece of work.

We have a solid team of learning designers, Articulate developers, subject matter experts, narrators, Moodle experts, translators, etc. – who we have called upon for many years now.  Our freelancers tend to be keen travellers as well so the ‘nomadic’ culture is really part and parcel of our little group. If you would like to work with us, please get in touch.


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