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We’re Anouk and Fred, eLearning Nomads and founders of DynaMind eLearning.

We develop eLearning for good causes and work with organisations from all over the globe. Our dedication, passion and expertise make us different.

Our story

After working in the development sector for 15 years in 4 different African countries and a short stint in Viet Nam, we moved to New Zealand – the country that, in 2005, was at the forefront of innovation in e-learning.

Anouk had by then developed great e-learning design expertise. She also saw the huge potential of e-learning, yet she was frustrated by the way technology often meant compromising on the quality of the learning experience. As a past face-to-face facilitator in the development sector, she was worried that the tendency toward content dumps and dumbing down training programs – as well as the move away from true participatory and dialogue-based training – would have a damaging effect on capacity development efforts. Anouk had found her mission…

Fred changed careers, learned all the skills we needed to complement each other along the journey and joined Anouk in this new world of making online learning stick. In 2006, we started DynaMind eLearning. The company is registered in Australia (where we moved in 2012), but we work across the globe on many interesting e-learning programs that make a difference. We work from home (or wherever home happens to be), with no overheads, no business hours … and a wonderful team of freelancers around the world who equally work very hard and enjoy the freedom, just like us!

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