Self-paced eLearning

Can the skills in your training programme be learned individually? Then let’s do this in the most meaningful and exciting way!

No more ‘click next’ through information dumps – instead, we develop scenario-based designs that make sure learners are continuously challenged to make real-life decisions. The focus is on ‘doing’, not ‘talking about’ – unless you would like us to develop a presentation instead of a training package.

We mostly use Articulate 360 to develop individual e-learning packages which can be uploaded on your learning management system or your website and accessed on any device. We can also publish them as standalone packages to run on an offline device.

The modules look pretty (we have great graphic designers!), they can generate a printable personalised certificate to learners who complete the training, they are narrated by professional voice-actors if needed, and we also facilitate translations or support your translators and produce multiple language versions.

If you would like to see some examples, please get in touch and we’ll provide you with a link.



As a procurement specialist working in the development field, I often need to develop procurement training programmes to ensure colleagues and project recipients managing the procurement process understand the relevant guidelines and how to maximise the value from the procurement process. One of the tools I have used to achieve this is online procurement training modules.
Both in my current role with the Caribbean Development Bank and in the past working for Crown Agents, a consultancy firm, it has been a pleasure to work with DynaMind who have provided a high quality service to enable me to turn technical content into an interactive and stimulating online learning experience in a cost effective manner.
I would highly recommend DynaMind to anyone with e-learning needs as an organization that crafts a technical solution that is appropriate for your specific needs and audience.

Doug Fraser, Head of Procurement, Procurement Policy Unit, Caribbean Development Bank

I cannot imagine working with a more professional, high-calibre and fun eLearning expert than Anouk.
We hired DynaMind to create for us a long and complex e-learning course on monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian and development programmes for the Red Cross and Red Crescent.
Working with Anouk for eight months on this project was delightful, invigorating, engaging – and fun! Anouk was full of ideas and ways to bring this complex topic to life and create a most engaging 4-hour course that has been extremely well reviewed. The development process was necessarily long and complex, but through the whole development, Anouk guided us quickly and with great attention to detail to ensure that the final product was delivered in good time and was of excellent quality. Anouk’s own extensive professional experience in international development work was a particular advantage in knowing the professional culture of the audience for this training.
I’m therefore very happy to highly recommend DynaMind for the development and creation of e-learning courses, particularly for the development / humanitarian sector, but also for any area.
Their e-workshops are also an extremely valuable way to learn how to moderate online learning!

Stephen Wainwright, Senior monitoring and evaluation officer, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

DynaMind was a pleasure to work with on our elearning and the product devised was of a very high standard. They were highly responsive to our requirements and were happy to make changes when requested. I highly recommend DynaMind and will definitely use them for other elearning development in the future.

Cath Blunt, Manager Code and Membership – Australian Council for International Development (ACFID)

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