Organisations who are new to online learning typically have hundreds of questions. What should be our e-learning strategy? How does that fit in our overall learning strategy? What online platform should we use? What customisations are a must and which ones are a nice-to-have? What are others doing and why? What is working online and where should we stick to other approaches? How do we reach people who have really bad internet? Where do we start? What can we do in the short and medium term with X budget that will have a real impact? Etc.

Organisation who have run an online training programme for a while will have different questions. Why are our learners not interacting as much as we would like to see? Can we do more with our platform? How do we create and run learning events (not necessarily courses) that support the needs of our learners? What type of e-learning should we develop (or get developed) for which competencies? How much and what type of multimedia works in digitally challenged environments? Etc.

It’s important to be aware of the constant trade-off between different e-learning components and make strategic decisions on what will help the target group most. Although we are obviously a very tech-oriented company, we pride ourselves on being focused on learner support and meaningful training first, rather than on tech bells and whistles.

Our extensive experience with the development sector – including the specific needs of learners in developing countries – gives us the necessary insights to inform in-depth conversations and brainstorm meetings with our clients to explore where the priorities are at the start and further down the time lines.

E-learning comes in many forms and formats – each with its pros and cons, which are often different to the pros and cons in the corporate and educational sectors in the first world and emerging economies. Our strength is that we share these perspectives with our clients and help them to think through a whole lot of considerations that might otherwise be overlooked. We share the many stories of what works in different cultures and under different tech challenges.

At a start of a project/programme, there will typically be more, longer, and more in-depth discussions to explore all of this. However, it doesn’t stop there and we remain a click away for all of our clients whenever they would like to pick our brains. We love the continuous email and Skype/Zoom back and forth with our client community. We see ourselves more as partners rather than suppliers. It’s not just ‘work’- it’s about genuinely caring and making sure that all our clients’ programmes achieve the best possible outcomes in sometimes difficult environments.

We help organisations develop e-learning for good causes


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