It was a privilege to work alongside the DynaMind team as they brought this project to life. They brought their years of expertise about online course design to create a structure that would work. Their eye for detail combined with a determination to get it right has produced a high quality, contemporary-looking eWorkshop that is the ideal platform to introduce our staff to the new approaches.

Sara Holloway, IRCs’ Director,Training & Curriculum Development (Awards Management Unit) – International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Anouk from DynaMind eLearning, I believe is Australia’s leading e-facilitator. I was encouraged to participate in DynaMind’s e-facilitation course in 2012. I had worked in the field or organisational development, group facilitation and training for 12 years and was always a sceptic of eLearning.
Anouk’s e-facilitation course changed that for me. Her method proved to me that you can in fact create groupness and build strong learning communities that are lasting online using her e-facilitation methods.
Anouk’s e-facilitation removes all the bells and whistles and instead focuses on real problem based learning that engages and stretches the adult learner. Anouk’s approach to e-facilitation goes against the grain yet is grounded strongly in theory, research and above all practice – it works and provides a real solution for local and global organisations to not only build capacity and strong relationship but also create thriving learning communities.
Anouk and DynaMind eLearning is leading the way in Australia, it’s time for the e-learning community to take notice!

Virginia Gough – Senior Learning Advisor, World Vision Australia

I could have ticked all the boxes to affirm Anouk’s attributes. Anouk created a custom-designed Instructional Design course (on designing online courses) for our team, and we followed this by enrolling 20 staff in her 5-week online E-facilitation course. I cannot recommend Anouk and her training highly enough – and believe this E-facilitation course was some of the best PD I’ve ever done. The skills and processes she modelled illustrated the purpose of the course itself. If you’re getting into e-learning, you need quality training, and taking Anouk’s course is a worthwhile investment for your business. She works across companies and government departments internationally, and brings experience and knowledge of pedagogy and effective practice into her courses.

Janet McFadden, Development specialist, Services to Schools – National Library of New Zealand

Anouk’s eworkshops are simply excellent! We’ve enrolled a dozen of our partners in the eFacilitation course as a way to introduce them to online training and mentoring with impressive results — new skills, great insights and a big passion for new approaches to training and learning. After so many positive reviews I figured I would take the course myself! No regrets. I learned, I enjoyed and most important, it has moved me to another level of elearning. COL now has nine of our partners’ representatives from six different time zones working together on Dynamind’s Moodle Design eworkshop.

Ian Pringle, Education Specialist, Media at Commonwealth of Learning

I attended a Training Course that was designed and facilitated by Anouk and it was out of this world. Anouk is by far one of the best trainers I have ever had the privilege to be trained by. Amazing knowledge, patient, and so inspiring. Working with Anouk for two days helped me streamline my design and approach to training within my company. I left the training course recharged and bursting with ideas! Worth every cent!

Rachel Teasdale, Senior Instructional Designer


Anouk provides that rare combination of subject matter expertise, exceptional project management abilities, and absolutely professional and reliable service. If you want to develop effective e-learning courses for widely dispersed groups of professionals with varying access to internet and multiple language abilities, you’ll find no better than Anouk.

Kevin Perkins, Executive Director at Farm Radio International

As a procurement specialist working in the development field, I often need to develop procurement training programmes to ensure colleagues and project recipients managing the procurement process understand the relevant guidelines and how to maximise the value from the procurement process. One of the tools I have used to achieve this is online procurement training modules.
Both in my current role with the Caribbean Development Bank and in the past working for Crown Agents, a consultancy firm, it has been a pleasure to work with DynaMind who have provided a high quality service to enable me to turn technical content into an interactive and stimulating online learning experience in a cost effective manner.
I would highly recommend DynaMind to anyone with e-learning needs as an organization that crafts a technical solution that is appropriate for your specific needs and audience.

Doug Fraser, Head of Procurement, Procurement Policy Unit, Caribbean Development Bank

I cannot imagine working with a more professional, high-calibre and fun eLearning expert than Anouk.
We hired DynaMind to create for us a long and complex e-learning course on monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian and development programmes for the Red Cross and Red Crescent.
Working with Anouk for eight months on this project was delightful, invigorating, engaging – and fun! Anouk was full of ideas and ways to bring this complex topic to life and create a most engaging 4-hour course that has been extremely well reviewed. The development process was necessarily long and complex, but through the whole development, Anouk guided us quickly and with great attention to detail to ensure that the final product was delivered in good time and was of excellent quality. Anouk’s own extensive professional experience in international development work was a particular advantage in knowing the professional culture of the audience for this training.
I’m therefore very happy to highly recommend DynaMind for the development and creation of e-learning courses, particularly for the development / humanitarian sector, but also for any area.
Their e-workshops are also an extremely valuable way to learn how to moderate online learning!

Stephen Wainwright, Senior monitoring and evaluation officer, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

DynaMind was a pleasure to work with on our elearning and the product devised was of a very high standard. They were highly responsive to our requirements and were happy to make changes when requested. I highly recommend DynaMind and will definitely use them for other elearning development in the future.

Cath Blunt, Manager Code and Membership – Australian Council for International Development (ACFID)

Anouk has deep experience in learning from instructional design through to development and facilitation; and has worked across a number of industries but her experience with learning and development in the International Development arena is what set her apart.

Mark Harwood, Social Entrepreneurship & Economic Development – Project Model Learning and Support Manager at World Vision Australia

Anouk’s creative and applied approach; putting the learner at the heart of the learning process and creating fun and meaningful learning experiences, has enabled her to deliver excellent courses which have received great feedback from all types of learners. She is a master at using situations, scenario-based learning and problem-based approaches to instructional design.
Her facilitation skills are second-to-none, as she patiently coaches learners to discover and learn in a learner-centred way. As an online facilitator, Anouk demonstrates an organised, skilled, and motivating approach to learner support. As a face-to-face facilitator she brings a vibrant enthusiasm to the classroom which infects the group, even the ones who may at first be reluctant to engage.

Sue Dark, Director of Learning at Kineo Pacific

Anouk is a fantastic course developer, mentor and technical advisor for a e-learning courses. I worked with her as content advisor on an e-learning course developed for UN Women on aid effectiveness from a gender perspective in 2012. Anouk’s communication skills are superlative. She is clear, friendly and prompt in responding to all queries at all times and will go to great lengths to ensure that her staff and learners on her courses are comfortable and understand both content and the processes involved in e-learning. She conducts an exceptional course on developing e-facilitation skills which was interactive, enjoyable and encouraged real depth of learning. She is very supportive and appears to be available almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to learners. The courses she develops are pitched at the right level for the specific needs of learners, encourage interaction from learners all over the world, are fun and support real analysis and rich learning.

Belinda Mericourt, Aid effectiveness expert

Anouk is an astute, client-focused and extremely efficient project manager. While working together to create a 4-week e-workshop for the Australian Council for international Development (ACFID), Anouk and her wonderful team demonstrated exceptional knowledge of the e-workshop format and uncompromising attention to detail. Designing the program together with Anouk was a pleasure, both personally and professionally.

Joan Johnson, Consultant Leadership Development – Executive Coaching – OD

When I started the e-facilitation workshop, I was dubious about the possibility of offering our face-to-face, participative courses online. Following Anouk’s workshop, I have realised that there are ways of making e-learning engaging and I am now keen to start developing a course to deliver in the e-workshop format. In addition, I can see that a well-designed workshop with a skilled e-facilitator can actually encourage even greater levels of engagement and greater depth of reflection and analysis than is often possible in a face-to-face environment.

Sarah Armstrong – Learning and Training Advisor, Bond for International Development, UK

As an enthusiastic follower of Anouk’s blog on online learning I was looking forward to the opportunity to learn from an expert in online facilitation.
The workshop was a fantastic experience. Anouk’s online facilitation of a very diverse and worldwide group of participants is an inspiration. We learned at least as much about online facilitation from the way Anouk guided us, than from the course content and tasks themselves.
Her online facilitation style clearly creates learner commitment: of the 25 participants, 22 completed the course. This is unheard of in the e-learning industry, where retention remains a big challenge.

Miranda Verswijvelen – Academic Advisor at Unitec, Auckland, New Zealand; E-learning instructional designer at Waitemata District Health Board, Auckland, New Zealand

I personally found myself engaged in the e-facilitation workshop throughout the duration because of the way Anouk established a strong learning community at the outset, provided workshop participants with valuable resources as references, facilitated practical and interesting group tasks, and then supported learning with constructive feedback specific to the work we had done. As it should be, the learning was fun, compelling, relevant, and properly contextualized.
This workshop has opened my eyes to opportunities within e-learning that I hadn’t yet considered and will be very useful as my organization develops a comprehensive e-learning strategy.
As the Director of Learning and Impact for InsideNGO, this eWorkshop has been very valuable personally and professionally and will certainly influence our organizational approach to e-learning.

Mark Nilles – Program Director, Learning & Impact, InsideNGO, USA (now Humentum)

Hands down Anouk has had a huge influence on my own style as an e-facilitator – in fact she changed my whole perspective on the value of the e-facilitator to the outcomes of an eLearning experience. She should write the global standards for e-facilitation if there’s such a thing!

Rosamond Brown – Managing Partner, Transformative Communication Partners-Caribbean (TCP); Commonwealth of Learning (COL) partner in the Healthy Communities Project, Jamaica



It was the best training experience I have had in years!

I was a bit apprehensive about this course […] I am not a fan of online learning. But, wow – this is so different.

What a great way to learn while doing. These scenarios are fantastic! […] I had no idea teamwork online could be so interesting and fun. […] This has opened my eyes.

Excellent! Teamwork was organized in a wonderful way!

[A strong point of the course was] a sense of belongingness, that we are part of a family.

I will remember this online course as my first ‘real’ and quality online learning experience 🙂

The course delivery was highly professional and at the same time personal – I did not feel as if I was just ‘one of the crowd’. I have learned so much, thanks heaps!

Thank you so much for this course! I really enjoyed it and found it to be an amazing learning experience.

The course design for both the e-learning modules and the e-workshop is outstanding.
I wish all training could be like this!

This is the best online course I have done. Extremely well structured and facilitated. No changes to suggest. Thanks and well done!

Superb facilitation skills. The biggest revelation in this course is how these skills [impact] on the way we behave as learners. This felt like a face-to-face workshop.

A breath of fresh air. This is so different to what I have experienced before.

Finally, I now see how e-learning can replace our [face-to-face] courses.
This is even better. Thank you for showing us how to get there.

[…] amazing how you can make this so easy and accessible to people who have very little experience with the internet, let alone with online learning […]. Very empowering!

Anouk’s modelling of e-facilitation alongside the theory and our own practice was fantastic.

We were very well supported throughout the course and the feedback given was always in depth and relevant and will also be very useful for future work.

Anouk as our facilitator was amazing. I learnt a lot about being an effective e-facilitator just from “watching” how she conducted herself, when she would pop up with a response and how she would respond. Very good role modelling!

The group activities were important, especially the way we were teamed together. It was very interesting learning about how Anouk does this!

Thanks so much for a great experience. You have really opened my eyes up to a whole new world …


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