eWorkshop design course

Once you have successfully completed the e-facilitation workshop, you might be interested in taking your skills much deeper and learn how to design and develop an eWorkshop yourself in Moodle.

Upcoming eWorkshop design course: On demand (dates TBA)


Is this workshop for you?

Yes, if you plan to develop eWorkshops or courses for your own organisation. The course caters for Moodle beginners as well as for people who have experience with Moodle. The focus is on good practice learning design.

What will you be able to do?

You will be able to…

  • differentiate between instructivist and constructivist approaches to learning design
  • design and develop a learner-centred and problem-based course or eWorkshop in Moodle
  • design and develop effective collaborative, cooperative and individual tasks that focus on application of skills
  • design meaningful assessments
  • design good learner support
  • demonstrate how learning design should support e-facilitation
  • use a range of appropriate Moodle tools to design effective and engaging online activities for learners
  • use instructional design tools that support the development of Moodle eWorkshops
  • evaluate eWorkshops
  • reflect on your own instructional design processes and products

How is the Moodle eWorkshop design course run?

The duration of the Moodle eWorkshop design course is 10 weeks. It is expected that you spend about 10 hours per week online to contribute to the team/whole group activities and complete the individual eWorkshop design tasks. The work should be done within the weeks allocated to the activities but can be done at a time preferred by the participants. The team and whole group activities are asynchronous.

There is an extensive mentoring component in this workshop. You will have your own Moodle page (on the DynaMind Moodle site) where you develop your own eWorkshop with one-on-one support from the facilitator (using Skype or Zoom).

At the end of the Moodle eWorkshop design course you will be assisted with copying your eWorkshop or e-course to a Moodle instance of your choice (or to the eWorkshop Centre – which is our online training venue). Alternatively, you can leave your eWorkshop on the DynaMind site until you are ready for the transfer.

You can also register together with a colleague or fellow practitioner. In that case, you develop one eWorkshop together and pay half the fees each.

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