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We design our eWorkshops in Moodle because its linear design reflects and supports the learning journey of the participants. It is most user-friendly because all activities and resources are only one click away from the main page. The navigation is probably the easiest of all e-learning platforms and is generally appreciated for its simplicity. In the eLearning Nomad blog, Anouk shares why we love Moodle…

Considering many of our target groups are ‘friendly users’ rather than very tech savvy, this is an important consideration when choosing an e-learning platform in our sector.

An additional benefit is that Moodle is a great platform to use in digitally challenged environments. It has a very well developed offline version that syncs when people go online.

We set up Moodle sites with your own branding and any basic customisation you might need. We also facilitate the hosting and look after your site by checking it every day, so you can focus on running your programmes.

Get in touch so we can discuss your needs.

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