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eFacilitation workshop

In this 5-week online workshop, you learn how to facilitate collaborative e-learning as well as get a feel for how eWorkshops work.

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In-house capacity development

We can do the development of a first course/module/eWorkshop and help with the delivery while we train you, so next time you’re ready to do it all by yourself.

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Anouk from DynaMind eLearning, I believe is Australia’s leading e-facilitator. I was encouraged to participate in DynaMind’s e-facilitation course in 2012. I had worked in the field or organisational development, group facilitation and training for 12 years and was always a sceptic of eLearning.
Anouk’s e-facilitation course changed that for me. Her method proved to me that you can in fact create groupness and build strong learning communities that are lasting online using her e-facilitation methods.
Anouk’s e-facilitation removes all the bells and whistles and instead focuses on real problem based learning that engages and stretches the adult learner. Anouk’s approach to e-facilitation goes against the grain yet is grounded strongly in theory, research and above all practice – it works and provides a real solution for local and global organisations to not only build capacity and strong relationship but also create thriving learning communities.
Anouk and DynaMind eLearning is leading the way in Australia, it’s time for the e-learning community to take notice!

Virginia Gough – Senior Learning Advisor, World Vision Australia

I first discovered Anouk Janssens-Bevernage and DynaMind eLearning in August 2014, when I was researching into the various e-learning approaches to find the best way to transfer Mango’s face to face learning into the online environment. Up to that point, I had found it all rather disappointing and was starting to think that it was just not possible to make e-learning interesting, fun and participatory – which is what Mango training is all about – or accessible to remote and poorly technically-resourced, small NGOs.
Then I discovered DynaMind eLearning and joined Anouk’s e-facilitation workshop. Immediately, I knew my search was over – I felt completely at home with the collaborative e-learning approach that Anouk has made her own. This was what I had been looking for – no boring webinars, no need to log in at a particular time, no slick ‘bells and whistles’ one-way sideshows but rather an interesting, fun, fully supported and skilfully facilitated group training.
I really liked too that DynaMind use the low-tech, low-cost, easy to use Moodle system. It was an amazing and inspirational experience and I can honestly say it changed my – and Mango’s – life!
I learnt so much about online learning in general on the e-facilitation workshop (it does not just promote the collaborative eWorkshop approach, you do get to learn about other approaches and make up your own mind) and it really helped me to work out, at long last, what would be right for Mango.
Thanks Anouk and DynaMind. Couldn’t have done this without you!

Terry Lewis – Director of Learning & Development, Mango (Management Accounting for NGOs), Oxford, UK (now Humentum)

I could have ticked all the boxes to affirm Anouk’s attributes. Anouk created a custom-designed Instructional Design course (on designing online courses) for our team, and we followed this by enrolling 20 staff in her 5-week online E-facilitation course. I cannot recommend Anouk and her training highly enough – and believe this E-facilitation course was some of the best PD I’ve ever done. The skills and processes she modelled illustrated the purpose of the course itself. If you’re getting into e-learning, you need quality training, and taking Anouk’s course is a worthwhile investment for your business. She works across companies and government departments internationally, and brings experience and knowledge of pedagogy and effective practice into her courses.

Janet McFadden, Development specialist, Services to Schools – National Library of New Zealand

Anouk’s eworkshops are simply excellent! We’ve enrolled a dozen of our partners in the eFacilitation course as a way to introduce them to online training and mentoring with impressive results — new skills, great insights and a big passion for new approaches to training and learning. After so many positive reviews I figured I would take the course myself! No regrets. I learned, I enjoyed and most important, it has moved me to another level of elearning. COL now has nine of our partners’ representatives from six different time zones working together on Dynamind’s Moodle Design eworkshop.

Ian Pringle, Education Specialist, Media at Commonwealth of Learning

I attended a Training Course that was designed and facilitated by Anouk and it was out of this world. Anouk is by far one of the best trainers I have ever had the privilege to be trained by. Amazing knowledge, patient, and so inspiring. Working with Anouk for two days helped me streamline my design and approach to training within my company. I left the training course recharged and bursting with ideas! Worth every cent!

Rachel Teasdale, Senior Instructional Designer


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