07. Business Development eWorkshop – International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Our brief

In 2020, IRC started to write an in-person training course to create a shared understanding of the Business Development process and tools across their global staff team. When the pandemic struck, plans had to change and they sought our help to develop the course in an online format.

The Business Development team were keen to create an online course that was both practical and engaging. It was also important to use plain language to get across important business development concepts to a global audience.

How did we achieve this?

First, we worked closely with the business development team to identify the desired learning outcomes, key messages and relevant training content. We then led the process to create a detailed programme for a 6-week collaborative eWorkshop to run on IRC’s Kaya (Moodle-based) platform.

The next step was to support IRC’s subject matter experts to develop background resources for each module and a practical, case study based, team task that runs throughout the eWorkshop.

Finally, we transformed the master texts into engaging and interactive resources using Articulate Rise with embedded Storyline and Vyond pieces. We also designed and set up the eWorkshop in Kaya, including resources to support individual and collaborative team tasks.

Sara Holloway, IRCs’ Director,Training & Curriculum Development (Awards Management Unit), closely coordinated the project throughout. Sara commented:

It was a privilege to work alongside the DynaMind team as they brought this project to life. They brought their years of expertise about online course design to create a structure that would work. Their eye for detail combined with a determination to get it right has produced a high quality, contemporary-looking eWorkshop that is the ideal platform to introduce our staff to the new approaches.


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