10. Do No Harm Local Capacity for Peace – World Vision International


World Vision uses the ‘Do No Harm’ approach (also known as ‘Local Capacities for Peace’ or LCP) to integrate conflict-sensitivity wherever it is relevant. When local leaders understand which activities divide or connect people, World Vision partners with them to design projects or programmes to minimise harm and support local capacities to build peace.

The World Vision ‘Do No Harm’ course is compulsory for all staff members. We were asked to redevelop the old course.


We developed 4 modules, including a case study module and an assessment module. After successful completion of the 4 modules, eCampus (World Vision’s Moodle platform) automatically generates a certificate.

We used a combination of Articulate Storyline and Vyond to ensure we had the necessary tools to bring the subject to life, with plenty opportunities for the learners to practice typical work-based decision-making. The sector-wide ‘DNH framework’ is explained in the form of a dynamic infographic with narration, developed in Vyond.

For the case study, we developed a 13-minute animated video about applying DNH principles in Tajikistan after the civil war. Click here (YouTube link) to view this video. This was developed in Vyond.

Here are a couple of screenshots from the training modules:


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