06. Savings for Transformation – World Vision International

In 2022, we redeveloped the orientation and eWorkshop for World Vision’s microfinance project model – called S4T or “Savings for Transformation”. Click here to view one of the orientation videos we developed.

This workshop combines individual work with team and whole group work. It is full of interactivity, interesting stories developed in video format, and exciting collaborative tasks. There is a considerable component covering digital savings groups, including guidance on how to use the digital savings groups apps like DreamStart. This link takes you to one of the explanatory videos we developed for this project.

The eWorkshop was developed for World Vision staff who are at the front line of promoting and supporting S4T in the communities where WV works. The workshop is also attended by cluster/zonal leads who want to familiarise themselves with World Vision’s microfinance approach.

We worked closely with S4T experts to ensure we include plenty practical examples and experience from the field. The graphics and visuals developed reflect many different geographic settings of individual savings groups projects across the globe. Visuals include videos, GIFs, diagrams, dynamic infographics, and illustrations.

The eWorkshop and orientation was developed in Moodle (WV eCampus uses Moodle). We developed the resources and individual tasks in Articulate Rise/Storyline/Vyond while the collaborative tasks use Moodle tools.

The eWorkshop is facilitated by expert e-facilitators who have successfully completed Anouk’s e-facilitation workshop.

Here are a few of screenshots…


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