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eWorkshop development

Does your e-learning need to be participatory? An eWorkshop is the online equivalent of being in a training room and learning together as a group, but stretched out over a few weeks. eWorkshops typically take about five to seven weeks (some are a little longer). On average, participants commit to four/five hours per week for the learning activities. The focus is on solving real-life work problems together with fellow practitioners and supported by an expert e-facilitator.

The ‘work’ takes place in asynchronous (i.e. not in ‘real time’) online discussion forums or other collaborative tools. This means you can log in in your own time and space. But just like a face-to-face workshop there is a program to follow and tasks to complete with shared deadlines. So you need to work on the same topics in the same weeks as the other participants – but you don’t need to all be online at the same time.

The eWorkshop model has become increasingly popular in the international development sector, culminating in winning Gold in the 2014 Asia Pacific LearnX Awards for Best E-learning Model for a programme developed with World Vision Australia.

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Self-paced e-learning development

Are you looking for compliance training? We use Articulate Storyline to develop individual e-learning packageswhich can be uploaded on your learning management system or your website and accessed on any device. We can also publish them as standalone packages to run on a USB key or a CD-ROM.

We focus on what the learner needs to be able to ‘do’ and stay away from information dumps. Our scenario-based designs make sure learners are continuously challenged to make real-life decisions.

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Our training programme is focused on helping organisations establish their own eWorkshop programme. We offer two workshops:

  • The e-facilitation workshop is a 5-week asynchronous learning event. It takes about 5 hours per week to complete the activities. The focus is on learning how to facilitate collaborative learning online.
  • The eWorkshop design course is a 10-week asynchronous course which takes around 10 hours per week to complete. Participants develop their own eWorkshop while on the course.

We run four to five e-facilitation workshops every year, as well as two eWorkshop design courses. Both are global workshops with participants from around the world. All DynaMind training is facilitated by Anouk, who has won the 2015 Gold LearnX Impact Award for Best Online Facilitator.

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Moodle hosting

Are you only just starting with your e-learning programme and do you need a platform? We set up your Moodle site and host it for you at cost, i.e. we only charge for the time it takes to do this for you.

Moodle is an open source software (which is why the technology is free) and is the most popular learning management system worldwide. It’s very easy to use and it’s ideal for eWorkshops.

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The eWorkshop Centre

Some organisations and consultants have a very small e-learning program. It might not be worth investing in your own e-learning platform. Or perhaps you would like to test the waters first? We can provide you with your own individual space for your eWorkshop or e-learning modules in our eWorkshop Centre.

Once your learners log in, it feels like it’s your and their space only. Your learners don’t see any other eWorkshops that are run on the same platform. It’s like hiring a training room in a school and making it yours – online. We charge a small fee for looking after you and your learners.

If you have completed the e-facilitation workshop, developed your own eWorkshop in the eWorkshop design course and you now need an online training venue, then the eWorkshop Centre is for you.

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