02. Regreening Communities – World Vision International

Deforestation, climate change, and biodiversity loss threaten the future of our planet. But in the midst of this crisis, there is hope. Across the globe, communities are coming together to restore their degraded environments and protect their future. Regreening Communities is a World Vision programme that empowers communities to restore their natural resources and improve their livelihoods.

Through capacity-building and customised toolboxes, Regreening Communities (RGC) empowers local communities to take charge of their own restoration efforts. By training community resource persons and trainers of trainers, the initiative is ensuring that the skills and knowledge needed for long-term sustainability are embedded in the community.

In 2023, DynaMind eLearning has developed a participatory eWorkshop aimed at training local facilitators in Regreening Communities programmes across the world. We have also developed two orientation videos for people who want to know more about the programme, as well as a series of stand-alone e-learning modules for facilitators who have been trained in the past and need a refresher.

In the eWorkshop, learners from across the globe solve typical Regreening problems together and learn from each other as well as from the RGC experts. This collaborative ‘problem-based learning’ approach aims at promoting behaviour change as well as building technical knowledge, which can be adapted to local contexts. There are many different ways to implement RGC. We want people to ‘think’ Regreening, not just tick the boxes of a pre-set ‘how to’. In this approach, the voices of the practitioners move centre stage.

The eWorkshop is facilitated by a team of Regreening experts who are also trained e-facilitators (all World Vision e-facilitators complete Anouk’s e-facilitation workshop).

The eWorkshop was developed in Moodle (World Vision eCampus uses Moodle) with most resources and individual tasks developed in Articulate Rise/Storyline/Vyond (integrated into the Moodle page). The collaborative tasks are done using Moodle tools. Visuals include videos, GIFs, diagrams, dynamic infographics, and illustrations.

This link takes you to one of the orientation videos.

Here are a couple of screenshots…

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