03. Introduction to procurement – Caribbean Development Bank

In 2022-2023, we developed 17 e-learning modules for Caribbean Development Bank’s updated Procurement Framework. This training is compulsory for recipient agencies and CDB’s Operations staff responsible for project/procurement supervision. It includes a detailed overview of procurement policy and procedures that recipients are required to conform with, as well as guidelines on how to prepare and evaluate bidding/proposal documentation.

Our instructional designer drafted the scripts for the 17 modules based on source material provided by the CDB procurement expert team. During that process, the designer sought additional input from the expert team, including stories and examples to ensure the training would be as practical as possible.

We used a combination of Articulate Rise/Storyline and Vyond to develop the e-modules. Our developers ensured that graphics reflected typical workplaces of the CDB and its partners. We sourced Caribbean voice talents to narrate the videos and the interactive scenario-based exercises. Visuals include videos, GIFs, diagrams, dynamic infographics, and illustrations.

Here are a couple of screenshots…

02. Regreening Communities – World Vision International
04. Workplace Investigations Training Programme – World Vision International

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