CASE STUDY – Introduction to procurement – Caribbean Development Bank

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is “a regional financial institution focuses on contributing to the harmonious economic growth and development of the member countries in the Caribbean and promoting economic cooperation and integration among them, having special and urgent regard to the needs of the less developed members of the region.”

The CDB finances a wide range of projects that seek to support the socio-economic development objectives of its borrowing member countries and the region. Annually these projects award contracts with a value approximating USD 50 million. CDB trains the staff of hundreds of executing agencies across the Caribbean to ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills to carry out their procurement in accordance with the Bank’s procurement guidelines.

In order to do this more efficiently and reach a much wider target group, DynaMind eLearning has been supporting CDB with Moodle hosting and Articulate developments since 2015.

Guided by a CDB procurement expert we have developed 3 Articulate modules (total 4.5 hours learning time) which cover the complex procedures in a very accessible manner. Developing procurement training is always a challenge, because the ins-and-outs of this topic are very legalistic and… boring. Information tends to go over people’s heads because it sounds abstract.

To ensure we engaged the learner, we made sure we included interesting interactions. We also broke it down in very clear mini-steps, while simplifying the language and using two great voice-over artists to narrate the process as well as the many examples.

The modules developed are:

Module 1: Introduction to Procurement on Projects Financed by the CBD
Module 2: Selecting and Engaging Consultants on CDB Financed Projects
Module 3: Procurement of Goods, Works and Non-Consultancy Services

Here are a couple of screenshots…

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