04. Workplace Investigations Training Programme – World Vision International

This self-paced training programme provides global World Vision staff with the foundational knowledge and understanding of how to effectively investigate a wide variety of complaints and workplace issues. For this programme, we developed 5 comprehensive Articulate Rise modules (with many Storyline and Vyond elements), 2 separate Vyond videos and one Storyline exam.

Our instructional designer worked closely with the expert WV team to gather many workplace examples, which were converted in practical scenario-based learning tasks. This ensured the training is hands-on and engaging.

As usual, the graphic design reflects the multicultural nature of WV field offices. Visuals include videos, GIFs, diagrams, dynamic infographics, and illustrations.

The Articulate e-modules were uploaded on eCampus (WV Moodle training platform), where we set up conditionality (learners can only proceed when they have completed the previous module) and an automatic certificate generator.

This programme was translated in French and Spanish by DynaMind translators.

Here are a couple of screenshots…

03. Introduction to procurement – Caribbean Development Bank

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