From face-to-face workshops to eWorkshops: what are the time implications?

A lot of our eWorkshop development projects follow a decision by a client organisation to cut down on the costs associated with face-to-face workshops without losing the “human” component.

Although online workshops are run completely differently, we get inspired by (and re-use when possible) face-to-face workshop materials, especially when this workshop has always had a strong action and collaboration focus.

One of the key decisions we need to make very early in the design phase is around the eWorkshop duration and average learning time.

In general, when considering this method of delivery, we bear in mind the following:

  • The length of the eWorkshop should be at least 4 weeks, preferably 5, with a minimum of 4 hours learners’ commitment per week. Why this minimum? Because it takes a few days to establish the group and create a real buzz that engages people.
  • There are some important time considerations around each one of the team tasks. Asynchronous team work means we need to give enough time for people to contribute (in their own time within the time schedule).
  • The minimum length of a eWorkshop is often the equivalent of 3 face-to-face workshop days in terms of achieved learning outcomes.
  • It is typical for eWorkshops to achieve the learning outcomes at a deeper level (when the eWorkshops are well designed and facilitated) because people write as they solve problems. Writing typically triggers higher level cognitive processes. Because the achievements are bound to be different, comparing face-to-face workshops with the online equivalent remains challenging.

These are some of the many points we cover in the e-facilitation workshop as well as the eWorkshop design course (only very few places left in the next round so be quick if you would like to join us). Click here for more information.


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